"Pause" a component?

On my road bike, I use two chains that I switch between so that I can go twice as long between waxing sessions. However, I’m struggling with how to manage this in the components/gear feature.

Specifically, I’d like to set up both chains and then essentially “pause” one chain while I use the other and then “un-pause” when I put it back on the bike. This way, I can accurately track the mileage of each chain individually. As it stands now, each chain would incur all of the mileage put on the bike, rather than what would essentially be half the mileage on one chain, and half on the other.

Does this make sense? Has anyone come up with a solution to something like this? I could see it also being relevant for different wheelsets, tires & cassettes.

track the chain separately and not as part of the bike.

That’s what I do

You could just remove the one chain and add the other when you swap. The chain will keep milage accumulated while on the bike.

The “Remove” option wasn’t present when gear was first released.

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Thank you!