Pairing of activities

Hi David,
Are there any plans to be able to “join” activities together; I know we have compliance as a %;

however it would be good (was a feature on TP) that you could drag one activity on to the top of another and it would pair them.

For instance, these are the same ride; one is planned one is completed - ideally they should be the same entry,

Keep up the good work

Not sure if this is the answer to your question but you can hide past planned workouts on the activities page.

You will only see future planned workouts and workouts done will have the compliance.

Thanks @MedTechCD that helps a little, Ideally it would be good if it inherited the name of the workout IF compliance matched.

Has been discussed before. One of the threads is this:

I have a todo list item sort out compliance. There have been some good suggestions on these forums.

+1 on this feature

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This would be very helpful, especially being able to see the workout description on the calendar as an easy way to look back through past workouts (for instance, I find it very helpful in TP to be able to see at a glance what I did in my strength workouts over time).