Moving time includes pauses

I have an activity (with no power) where I paused a bunch of times. has given this a duration (labelled as Moving Time) of over 5h, even tho the activity length on GC was 2 hours, and the moving time around 1.5 hours.

FWIW the TSS looks about right (tho is pretty meaningless for a downhill bike park day) - but the moving time itself reported in the GUI is actually the elapsed time of the activity, which includes time spent on the chairlift, time spent at lunch, etc.

It’s interesting because most other activities seem fine, so I’m not sure what happened to this one.

I can send you the link privately David.

I have fixed this. The TSS calculation in ignores coffee stops which is why it was ok.

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I reprocessed your Sunday 11th ride. If you have others with this problem go to “Actions > Reprocess file” to sort them out.

Excellent, thanks!!