Kubios Announcement

Kubios has announced its API to integrate into any software through amazon web services.

You find it interesting @david ?

Análisis de deporte y ejercicio – Kubios

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Tx. I sent them an enquiry. They are the gold standard for this stuff so it could be a nice addition. Will have to see what the pricing is though :slight_smile:


Let us know when they answer you

That would be awesome. I ve been using Kubios app for 1,5 years for HRV. If data could be transfered automatically…
Let’s cross fingers that the API is reasonable pricing

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Unfortunately it is very expensive. Even as a premium feature it won’t work. Would cost more than $4/month for a single athlete easy.


I ran into a small bug on Kubios app last week and contacted support. Asked for exporting functionality in the app at the same time. Here’s the response:

It would be nice if some sort of history export was available in the app. Exporting a simple csv would make transferring results much more user friendly and avoid typing errors.

happy to hear that only one day results were changed. Some kind of export option will be definitely added in the future.

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