Karoo 2 - uploading to intervals - dropbox?

I just got a Karoo 2. Out of the box the only way to upload to intervals seems to be via Strava.
Until now, I have been uploading files via dropbox (from wahoo elemnt).
For K2 users, how do you do it?
Has anyone sideloaded Dropbox on the K2?
Are there any other options that I am not seeing?

Since I posted, I found out the following, maybe it can help someone in the future_

  • You can sideload dropbox but it doesn’t sync both ways, other apps like dropsync can do that
  • For me it seems easier to upload with Strava and every now and then transfer the FIT files manually to a dropbox folder in my computer, which is connected to intervals.
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Hi -

Would you mind giving me a FIT file from Karoo? I want to determine if my BreakAway app is able to successfully decode the file from Karoo and then process it into

  1. indoor Power Based Workout
  2. Indoor Based Slope Workout


ps : you can either PM me the file or send it to app4g [dot] devel at gmail.com

Sure, I just sent you an email

Many Thanks!! I am happy to report that the app is able to decode the FIT file from Karoo devices w/o issues.

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