Import HRV from eliteHRV

You could ping them and ask for integration. I did contact them 2 years or so ago but integration was legally complicated and they wanted unspecified data from so I left it. Intervals might have something to give them now (e.g. fitness and fatigue from your training to go with the HRV data).


I will follow your suggestion and contact eliteHRV

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It seems eliteHRV has no real interest in this. Here their answer:

“We do want to let you know that if integration is possible, it likely will not be added to the app for a while; integrations require cooperation between both parties.
We will certainly make an announcement if we are able to add this integration in the future.”

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I also wanted to import HRV data from EliteHRV. It’s disappointing to hear that they do not want to partner with Intervals.

I would also very much welcome an integration. For last year I have been manually inputting HRV and readiness values from EliteHRV.

Just had a week off so tempted to move over to HRV4Training for the integration and reset a baseline going forwards.

I emailed EliseHRV’s support asking for a better integration with Google Fit or a native integration with and they said this:

Thanks for reaching out to us.

We do want to let you know that if an integration is possible, it likely will not be added to the app for a while; integrations require cooperation between both parties which can take some time to cultivate.

We will certainly make an announcement if we are able to add this integration in the future.

They have used the template for answering this request. Exactly same words I received for same request

I let them know that this site reached out for an integration and that not doing so just hurts end users and they said this:

It looks like it was another user who reached out to us. We have it on our feature request list (likely from that user), but our developers are working at capacity right now and we won’t be able to prioritize adding a new integration until we are in a good place with the app and its existing features!

@david I have written a .NET CLI tool to facilitate this functionality with the API and Elite HRV Pro, are you comfortable with me providing the GitHub link here?


@david I think you may have missed this so… bump


@Kristof so the code you wrote would require subscription of the EliteHRV-Pro plan?

Yes that’s correct, unfortunately they don’t have any functionality to export post-processed readings in the non-subscriber users. They also don’t have any public APIs so you have to download the data manually.

I did experiment with android automation to interpret the reading values in the app but was unsuccessful. Naturally you could also write a web scraper to log you in to the EliteHRV pro web dashboard and download your files, but I didn’t see much value in that.

Unfortunately I am not going to link the code unless @david states that it is okay. In all honesty though, it is not a complicated application to write, you just need to understand the file format and how those values map to the intervals API.

Thank you for the details! I do not have the subscription and I do not write code. Fingers crossed, that a coop happens between EliteHRV and david :wink:

Its definitely ok! Thanks very much for doing this. Sorry I missed your earlier posts.

I have converted it to a client-side website for usability, works on Chrome, Edge, & Firefox:

It will say ‘Loading…’ for longer than comfortable because its free hosting.
It does not store credentials anywhere - I don’t feel comfortable putting people at risk.

Source code: GitHub - Creastoff/EliteHRVIntervalsImporter: Imports EliteHRV CSV export into

I feel as though I should reiterate - this requires an Elite HRV Pro (paid for) account.

Any faults found please let me know.


EliteHRV wants 8$/Month just that i can export my raw data? What bullshit is that?
I can also export a .txt via the app, but thats just hr/hrv right?

Any other app where i can get a full raw data export for platforms such as intervals?

The kind that means a company stays in business?


I paid already 8$ just to export to trainingpeaks - then i found out that this export will just show a single hrv/hr value.

I’m willing to pay for such services, but I don’t pay for any single service within a subscription model…
The big question is - is there another software with a (out of my perspective) better export and no subscription?


:rofl::rofl:. How would you propose they make money then, enough to allow many users use the app for free?