HR Data flatlines

On my most recent ride the HR data has flatlined half-way through the activity. Strava and my head unit both show complete data from the entire ride. I have tried deleting the ride from Strava re-uploading and re-syncing, but this error has remained.

Strava Data

Any ideas? Apologies if this has already been addressed elsewhere.

I think you died and got it - you and Strava don’t know it yet :joy:

Seriously, @david will most likely fix it :+1:t2:

The time stream for that ride has a huge gap. It goes from 3555 to 659062757 seconds at the point where the HR flatlines. This messes up the HR spike fixing and so on. If you add the “Raw HR” chart you can see the original good HR data.

I am going to see what I can do about working around this problem.

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Okay, thanks for the info. I knew there must be a simple-ish fix since Strava was reading the data. I have had some other odd time errors with this head unit, so must be time to upgrade. Appreciate the quick response!

Tx. I added a fix for this but need to wait until Monday AM to deploy (GMT+2).

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It’s fixed now.

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