How long does it take to undelete an activity?

New to the website and I wanted to play around with some of the functions. I deleted an activity and now want to get it back. I went to list view, added the Deleted filter, selected the deleted activity, Edit, Undelete, Confirm. This was about an hour ago and it still shows up in the deleted activities filter list and not in the Activities list. I saw in the delete confirmation box that it could take a while to undelete. Do I just need to be more patient or is there something wrong? Thanks!

I never knew one could undelete. I normally just upload the FIT file again.




This activity was imported from Garmin Connect. I am able to upload the exported TCX file but it’s missing a bit of the original information.

TCX format does not support all data options. L/R power balance, for one, is not available in TCX. Use FIT if possible. If FIT exists on Garmin Connect, use “Export original”.

Unfortunately Garmin now drastically limit “backfill” requests which is how does undelete for Garmin. Your bets bet is as @MedTechCD says to export the original file and manually upload it.

I have a todo list item to keep deleted files for 30 days before really deleting them to solve this problem.

Got it. Thanks very much, all.