Garmin Connect Sync issue


Garmin Connect is not uploading my new workouts.

It is interesting tough. Zwift → Garmin Connect is working. I have my zwift workout there. But it wont trigger the sync to Intervals. I had to manually upload it.

However, if I create a workout in Garmin Connect app it will immediately show up on Intervals.

This is happening for days now. Is the issue on my end?

Hi, I don’t think workouts that are synced to Garmin Connect are forwarded-only activities that are originally from Garmin.

Thats an issue. I switched from Strava when my trial period ended and read somwhere here that there are too many Strava request (api?).

Garmin Connect sync should work as I use Garmin Connect to sync my workouts Zwift → Garmin Connect-> Conqueror app. It is already automatically syncing to a third party app, why would Intervals be different?

I really hope it will be fixed. Not sure what else to use.

As Ollie says stopped getting activities from non-Garmin sources via Garmin Connect in April this year. Tx for trying to help but you should probably re-enable Strava. You can use Strava and GC at the same time.

Ok, I will do that.