"Fix power spikes" feature should not be linked to FTP

Dear friends,

Maybe is not my only problem, but short power spikes 1-5 sec, really annoy me.

My PM is Stages, and after almost every ride I fix power spikes (1500-2500 W, 1-5 sec) with Golden Cheetah software.

With automatic fix in intervals.icu these spikes aren’t fixed, so I have extremely steep left part of my power curve and don’t have any tool to clean wrong data despite the manually editing every ride.

Could this fix feature be somehow modified to solve such kind of issues?

Do you mind posting a link to a ride with these spikes so I can have a look? Tx.

For instance -

I see what you mean. These are difficult to deal with in an automated way. They look obvious (0 → 1300w) but that could happen if there is a dropout first and people get very unhappy when Intervals.icu clips real power data!

You could set the spike detection to 10% (the min). This will catch a lot of them and raise it for specific rides if you do a real sprint that gets clipped. You will need to manually edit out the others (zoom on the graph then choose Actions → Edit data). You can find the bad rides from the /power page curve. Click the number on the mast to go to the “max power” activity.

You can also tick “Options → Show sub-max efforts” to see more curves to find the bad rides quickly.

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thanks for the proposed solutions!
Will try them.