Display HRV (or SPO2) over time (year(s))

I would like to display HRV over the last years (same for SPO2), like data (y) over time (x).
Unluckily the diagramm to show it remains empty.

I imported “all” Garmin date from Garmin Vivoactive 4. I tried both “all data” and “all wellness data”. I saw that it can only import the last 1 year over the API. I think it worked succesfull because I see 1 activity. This because I dont use “Activities” at all. Instead of “indivual activity tracking” i use the full 24/7 tracking over the last ~2-3 years. That data I can see in the Garmin App. Not sure if this setting changes something with the data.

  • Is there a way to display the data? I assume was likely was correctly imported even if i cant see it at all.

  • To get the older data (>1y) i saw that Garmin (like any company under European GDPR) has to offer generic full data access, which they do under Garmin International | Account . Is there a way to import it with this generic alternative for Europeans this way?

Thank you!

From the Fitness tab you can add custom charts. HRV is a pre built option I think but if it’s not pre built you can add it yourself

Thx i tried it under the Fitness Setting. I dont see any values aside the 1 activity (bottom left in the picture). Do i have to activate something so all “non-activity measurments” get included?

Maybe remove the filter “all activities” completly and make it to “all data”?

Edit: On the Garmin Connect App 1 year looks like this:

This is what I have. I think this was a default graph already set up