Configure zones in absolute watts and not in percentages

It would be possible to choose to configure the power and heartrate zones with power data, it would be interesting to be able to choose whether we want to configure the zones at ftp percentages or by entering the power and heartrate data manually.

If we work with physiological milestones, the percentages are not so important.

Z1 Active Recovery 1-120w
Z2 Aerobic Threshold 121-160w


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HR zones are captured and stored in bpm but are also automatically adjusted if you change LTHR. Power zones are stored as a percentage relative to FTP. The capture dialog does so the actual watts for each zone if that helps. Still they will change if you change FTP.

I have added a todo list item to not update power zones when FTP changes.

I mean to be able to change the power zones not with a percentage and to have the option to set the watts manually for each zone.

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Having possibility to have the zones automatically adjusted by changes to Max, VO2max, FTP/AnT/LT2, and AeT/LT1 absolute numbers for Power, HR, Speed would be interesting.
Example is the “Uphill Athlete Training Zones Heart Rate Calculator”.