Compare charts are broken?

Hi, just noticed that some charts on Compare page doesn’t show anything.


Fixed. I have been refactoring the chart code to support sharing of charts and so on and broke this. Tx for the report.

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I also think there is something fishy going on with my Distance compare chart. I know for a fact that i have more km’s this year then in 2021 on this day.

I ticked off Indoor now on the chart and now it looks better.
Is there a way i can get both? Charts from all rides indoor/outdoor with yearly comparison.

You need to remove the indoor/outdoor filter to see all activities:

Click the trash can.

still doesn’t seem right to me tbh :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you are missing some activities? I cut and pasted all of 2022 from the activity list view into a spreadsheet and the total km comes to 8000 or so similar to the totals page and compare page numbers. Or maybe some activities have less distances on