Changelog available?

I notice that almost every time I visit I’m greeted by a notification to refresh the page because the page has been updated. I imagine most of these changes are small and would go unnoticed, but I’ve been caught off guard a few times with the changes in options/settings/etc since I last logged in. Is there a running list of changes made so that I know what to look for and what new features and/or settings to explore? I LOVE the fact that is constantly improving, just would love an easy way to stay up with the progress.

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Tx! I mostly post announcements on this forum when something has changed. There are smaller changes that aren’t posted. I will see if I can get the git commit log on these forums. Last few days:

2241873 - (HEAD -> master) Moved workout chart to start of day tile (4 minutes ago) <David Tinker>
d6cb1c9 - Added form % custom plot (5 minutes ago) <David Tinker>
635903e - Added download workout buttons (26 minutes ago) <David Tinker>
81f639f - (origin/master) Workout docs for events and workouts now persisted (16 hours ago) <David Tinker>
691265f - Added eFTP, ride eFTP and weight to fitness plots (26 hours ago) <David Tinker>
4cee11a - Added climbing to week info (2 days ago) <David Tinker>
da58a2f - Drop down and colour picker now lazy (2 days ago) <David Tinker>
0d54f1e - Fixed help overlay issue (2 days ago) <David Tinker>
f39061f - Added form to plots list (2 days ago) <David Tinker>
ace3f3d - Added workout skylines to calendar (2 days ago) <David Tinker>
ffde43c - Added maximize support to edit workout dialog (3 days ago) <David Tinker>
d72f161 - Added maximize support to edit cal entry dialog (3 days ago) <David Tinker>
90e9881 - Added workout builder (3 days ago) <David Tinker>
c9a4686 - Added MAP watts (4 days ago) <David Tinker>
d3e8873 - Got workout parser working quite well (4 days ago) <David Tinker>
bd76bfe - Much better UI for power spike detection (5 days ago) <David Tinker>

Thanks @david much appreciated! This is exactly what I’m looking for. Given the frequency of changes to, my humble suggestion would be to drop in something on the ‘About’ tab outlining the significant changes (or those changes requiring user input or selection). If that’s too time consuming, a sticky forum post would be a great second option.


Hey, small bump. I’m always eager to find out what has changed whenever I see the small green warning.