Calendar - highlight today's date?


Not sure if this has been mentioned - I couldn’t see it anywhere - but would it be possible highlight today’s date in the calendar view? I always seem to get a little bit lost when looking at it and think highlighting today’s date would help as a reference point.

Love everything else about the site. I only stumbled across it by luck when reading another forum post elsewhere but Intervals is a real gem!




Tx. The current date is now darker and bold. Hopefully that does the trick.


That really helps! :grinning:
Thank you

Maybe it’s just me, but I find the date being at the bottom of each cell on the calendar to be confusing. All of my other digital calendars have the number at the top, so perhaps I’ve become trained. Additionally, being at the bottom of the cell, the dates are positioned closer to the prior week, so they look like headers for those rides. Just my two-cents.


I agree with this completely. I also find it a little weird that you scroll up to later dates rather than down. That may just be me though.

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I thought date had been centred but realised that’s only if there is no event for that day.
I’m also thinking might be good to see the date at the top of the cell rather than the bottom. Possibly with a background highlight too… ?

Example - looks like it’s the 17th and 18th but it’s actually the 10th and 11th


I agree with you regarding scroll direction. Reading left-right then up is confusing. I’ve also noticed that most calendars have anchored column headers showing the day of the week, so that it doesn’t need to be repeated in every cell. Helps reduce clutter.

Hmm. I can certainly move the date to the top of the cell. Just have to try figure out how to make it look nice. It’s a bit of a clash with the activity bars. I am not a designer so struggle with this kind of problem.

With regards to having newer stuff at the top: When I started building this I hadn’t seen the calendars in other tools and on a web page “feed” the older stuff goes at the bottom. You scroll down to get to the history. So it seemed am natural way to do it. You guys are not the first to ask so I might have to consider adding a reverse option at some point!

Dates are on top! Doesn’t look too bad :slight_smile:


Thank you! It doesn’t seem like there’s one calendar format that’s going to be ideal for everyone, so “display options” might be the way to go.

Looks great! Thank you!

Edit: +1 for “display option.” I readily adapted to a Monday week start day, but scrolling up in the Activities calendar is a mind bender for me.

Looks much better! Thanks

I still find it hard to read (was going to create a new request, when I saw that this one already existed).

Can we make the whole background of the day with a different colour (I have to admit I didn’t even notice that the day was in bold).

Another thing I’ve noticed is that the fitness calendar doesn’t seem to remember my period (at least if I do a custom one).


I have no problem with the calender. Easy to read and new weeks on top works great.

That’s also what I was going to suggest, so I thumb up your comment :slight_smile: With another background color, it would be much easier to spot the current date.

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Could we have the background color for today’s date changed from white to some other color that will mix ok with all the other colors? Not sure what is others opinion is but I have always a tough time seeing the current date :slight_smile:


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