Calendar and fitness updates

Lots of updates all related to fitness and planning:

  • Ramp rate is now shown on the calendar if you have “Show fitness” checked in “Options”. This is fitness (CTL) for Sunday - previous Sunday.

  • The ramp rate chart on the /fitness page now shows daily ramp rate (fitness for the day - 7 days ago).

  • Training load targets are now included in future fitness calculations (CTL, ATL etc.) if there are no planned workouts for the sport for the week. The target load is spread evenly to each day of the week. So you can set a target, see what it does to fitness, ramp rate and so on and fill the week in with workouts later (or just work to the targets).
  • Fitness, fatigue, form and ramp rate for each week are now shown when editing a training plan.
  • The week info dialog now shows eFTP and eFTP/kg for each sport and the ramp rate for the week (fitness for Sunday vs previous Sunday).

  • The “fitness days” slider has been hidden for now.
  • The wellness CSV can now also include fitness columns (CTL, ATL, load, eFTP etc) after all the wellness stuff.

  • If you have ticked the box to include fitness then it will start from the date at the top of the calendar which may be in the future. All the wellness stuff will be blank but you will get the fitness info.
  • The fitness stuff (CTL etc) is available via the API (GET /api/athlete/{id}/wellness?oldest=2021-09-10&newest=2022-01-17)

Hopefully I haven’t introduced too many bugs with all these changes.


Fantastic. :clap:

I can not edit the ramp chart. let’s say to show the number “at right” which is already “fixed” on current.
I’m not sure what happen with some days in December 7th to 11th .

Nice job.


Tx. You can add a custom chart with ramp rate like this:

Its not exactly the same (no blue/green) but close and then the number on the right will change. With the “standard” ramp rate chart the number on the marker is displayed up top.

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That looks ok to me now. Maybe it just got fixed or maybe that data didn’t arrive from the server when you looked at the chart.

By doing that you can see that yours chart doesn’t follow the pattern in that week. Have no idea.


I fixed that missing data. Not sure how it happened though, hopefully an old bug.

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thank you.

Hi David,

should be a stubborn one :slight_smile:

I fixed this by making a dummy edit to load for an old activity. I think I know whats wrong now and will fix.

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Unfortunately the problem has moved to the week of Dec 20th.


Hi, can I reference the hidden “fitness days” which you say is hidden for now. Is this due to return once the other new aspects are tested?

As someone training on 10day cycles I found it very useful to adjust fitness and fatigue across full training periods.

Following from this I have the “time in zones” chart displayed. Would it possible to have a customised total period so I can use 10days as opposed to the 7/42/60 options?

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Fitness days is coming back soon along with “starting fitness”. Unfortunately the calendar display is very hardcoded to a 7 day week. You can use the /totals page to get totals for any time period. Not as convenient but it will work.


I think I have finally figured this out and will deploy the fix Sun AM (GMT+2). The issue is only with ramp rate. Tx for looking at everything so closely.

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Thank you!

This level of support is something I’ve never seen in all my 60 years.

Wish you all the best.

Happy New Year.

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Hi, I would like to know my ATL/CTL/TSB scores before a race.
I used to check my numbers from warm up, but now it shows the same numbers as the race file ( which are numbers after the event). Of course I could use the numbers from previous day, but it’s not the same. Is it possible to get Fitness score before the race/workout? It would help a lot in planning the future and assessing feelings in the race.

It’s not ideal but a quick and dirty workaround is to tick “Ignore Power data” and “Ignore HR Data”. Then you can check what the numbers would have been if you hadn’t done the race.
Remember to re-enable them afterwards.
Unfortunately, you can’t do that for planned workouts. But you can drag them further in the future to see what the influence is on the fitness chart.

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Unfortunately currently you need to look at the previous day.

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