Add Squash activity

I see you can add tennis as a activity be not squash is they a way to do this

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I could add it but it isn’t something that shows up in fit files so it won’t be automatically applied. Where will your squash activities be coming from?

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It should be nice to add Triathlon-duathlon and trail running too

Triathlon and Duathlon already show up (as individual events)

Trail Running is indeed interesting. That one is a separate sub sport in the fit file.

HR monitor

They are missed even in Race Event and as manual activity entry; Do you refer to activities downloaded from device?

since triathlon is basically 3 to 5 events (depending on the used watch - the newer ones track the transitions as well) → so there is no single triathlon race. I always add three race events (swim, bike, run) and once I finished, there are 5 workouts (swim, bike, run, t1, t2).

How does the file from your HR monitor get to and what device is it?

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I have a whoop band the connect to my apple health app if that work

I have a polar HR that upload to the site

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and on polar you can classify it as squash?

Yes you can

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Can you please point me at one of the squash activities on so I can have a look at the file. Tx.

29 April 22 44 mins long just record HR but I would like to see it record as squash then at not workout may be nit picker

Tx. The fit file receives from Polar doesn’t indicate the sport:

name sport sub_sport
OTHER_INDOOR generic generic

So I can add squash but you will need to manually edit the activity on

Adding the sport does however give the ability to build your own script that updates the sport type based on the activity name.

Thanks that great

I added Squash.

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Thanks David

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