Activity name from Garmin connect

Hi all,

Initially Garmin Connect automatically names an activity according to the place where it has been performed. takes the name from here.
Normally I use Garmin Connect to name an activity detailing the type of activity it is. Which I do after a while (1 hour, 1 day) after I finish the activity.

After I change it in Garmin Connect this change does not see reflected on Intervals. Is there any option to update the names?

I prefer Garmin becouse it is quicker with the phone app and I don’t have always access to a computer.


Intervals.Icu only gets the original fit files from GC. Changes on GC website do not come through. The name of the ride is in the fit file.


@MedTechCD Thats almost correct … the original “new file” notification from Garmin includes the Garmin activity name and id but unfortunately there is no notification when those change.