Activity list - short date & icon only for type

I cannot find a way to change the date display in the activity list.
Is it possible to change it? It takes up so much of the screen on the iPhone. Would be nice if one could choose a shorter variant.
For example: 28/11 or Nov 28.

The same goes for type of activity. Possible to only show the icon instead of both the icon and the long text?

I will have a look at this. Good ideas. Tx.

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If you have time and might do this….
Some may prefer the day instead of the month.

For example:
Mon 28 instead of 28/11 or Nov 28

I prefer 28/11, but different people have different taste. Could also confuse Americans as they do dates opposite of us in Europe.

The date is now 28-May on small screens. The year is also displayed (e.g. 21) if the activities span more than one year. There is now a separate column called “Time” for the time of the activity (e.g. 04:00 PM) should someone want that.