60+ - A group start

Started a group for athletes with more than 60 years behind us.
David has been one of the first to implement a possibility for athletes to follow each other, not only in workouts, but in everything available on Intervals.icu.
Added to this, that we can be each others coaches and commentators.
Not just as “Like” or “Kudus” for a quick approval of anything done,
but as an actual finger on the pulse of training.
We are 3 now. Interested?
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Interested, but a few months away from qualifying

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So am I, but he added me anyway :rofl: (D-Day this July)

You are on. What is age but a number mate …

Crap, where’s that fake ID I used when I was a kid.
I guess I’ll see you in 4.5 years. :wink:

Nope. By then I’m into the higher layers in triathlon, where the competition drops off and it’s actually possible to win something.
But you kids could start your own group …

still can’t believe it, but i qualify.

Don’t believe it. Seems many from our generation are showing new way of getting old.
You are on.

I’m quite interested in this >60 thing as I’m chronologically 67, but I’m told that because of my workout ethic, I may be physiologically several decades younger. Perhaps we need an estimate of the length of the telomeres on our DNA so that we can track our progress in getting younger as we continue on this journey.


Solidly 60+, you are welcome. An advanced gene pool just adds to the common experiences.

Just joined Intervals, not sure where I’m going but at 62.5 it looks interesting!

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Being 68 (in about 3 weeks) this sounds good! Would certainly great if we could follow eachother. So I like to be a member of a 60+ group.


There are 61 athletes on Intervals.icu born before 1960.

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And then the guy who knows his way around the statistics shows up.
If you are living up to the photo, I suppose you are in the next generation.
We are 7 now, and not much is happening. We are a humble bunch, having spend some time on the bikes to get into this age group, so for now, it it watch and take a look time.
But already, just looking at the first Tap, “Athletes”, you quickly get an ideas as to everybody’s Fitness and Fatigue, and since, so far, only one of us is on the southern part of this planet, it is safe to say, we are just about getting ready for spring …
Looking forward for your Age Group statistics …

I’m 64 so must be classified.
I’m living in Denmark and not the best in English, hope you can understand.
Been cycling 25 year and lately retired, so have time to train. Been competing in national agegroup for last 2 years and are interrested in building my form.
I also like to participate in Gran Fondo’s in Europe.

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Hej Knud, så er vi 2 Danskere.
You are on.

Hey i qualify… and am from the Southern part of the planet :+1:

Loving intervals.icu. Just bought a power meter last December, am looking at a polarised approach to time crunched cycling… but mixing up the low intensity with ony High intensity. To explain further, i’m going to take all of this year as an experiment to do the following:

  • 8-10hrs per week in 3-4 rides
  • as little tempo or sweet spot as possible. This will only come if i’m on a group ride and can’t avoid it.
  • zone 2 HR/PWR even on Hills
  • High intensity intervals 1-2 times per week but everything in that workout will be zone 2 if its not an interval. To avoid fatigue i might take the 4th or 5th week and skip intervals

Anyone else agree/disagree?

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One thing here is finding our own numbers and using them planning,
The next, following others at the same higher level, takes some time.
Hoping that one day we’ll actually become each others coaches and advisers on a planning level.


Sound Great. I was thinking on doing the same, but for me it’s difficult to achieve low/High zones. At the moment I’m in basetraining as We have low season here and mostly I’m on hometrainer and Zwift.
I’m using XERT and the LTP approach to lower zone. High zones I’m planing to begin next month.
Are you doing intervals outside?

Answered on Chat on Intervals.icu not to make this line too long …